Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart.
“Coco” Chanel
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We all have our afflictions, some more readily apparent than others. Growing up, mine was the fact that I was rail thin and had a ridiculously narrow foot (size AAAA) ...during grade school- the formative years.

Bell bottoms & hip huggers were all the rage - clothing made even cooler by a fabulous pair of shoes.  Shoes I never had because they didn't exist in my very narrow size.

I was raised in the cultural, metropolitan city of Washington, DC in the suburb Vienna, VA... but that didn’t even help.  I was surrounded by great style… but nothing that would fit my feet.  Clerks would measure my feet, stand up & shake their heads in disbelief.  Eventually we found the brown shoes in the adjacent photo, resulting in one of just many of my fashion "DON'T"s.  I was six years old with cute dresses, long blonde hair & matching bows and… a pair of ugly brown shoes. Our entire family album is filled with the ugliest shoes ever created.  Quite a burden for a budding fashionista!

Then one birthday trip to Paris was the turning point and I returned with a plan: “Women with narrow feet need chic options too...and Voila....LaceyK Shoes was born!"

We needed exquisite shoes & I decided to make some.  I am my own target customer & I understand the difficulty other woman go through having narrow width feet.

LaceyK Shoes was born out of necessity & determination. Exceptionally hand-crafted shoes in luxurious exotics, rich leathers, stylish designs with an ideal fit - for women throughout the world with narrow feet - we are no longer neglected and under-served.  And finally, the shoe is on the other foot!

Of course, when all my girlfriends saw my designs, they demanded I offer medium widths too...  LaceyK Shoes. 

Wearing the Monaco at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC:

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