So, shoe me. It may sound odd,
but I tend to identify the events in my life by the shoes I wore at the time.
Charla Lawhon
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Here's what our customers are saying about LaceyK Shoes:

"I read about your shoes in InStyle Magazine and was so excited to find someone is making narrow widths now.  I bought 'The Paris' and I love it- I get compliments every time I wear them so you can consider me a customer for life"  
-Debra in New York, NY

"I have had a lifetime restricted to Stuart Weitzman and Ferragamo!  Thank you!   How about some flats and work pumps!!!!! 2" heels ?!

"Congratulations!!!  Finally somebody makes chic sophisticated shoes in 8.5AA!! Thank you!!  I need some flats now but I love your heels in 8.5AA!  Thank you again!!  or any chic flats?!"
- Sherry in Houston, TX

"Do you also have a collection of flats in narrows? Finally, I've found a womens narrow shoe that looks like a Jimmy Choo!"
-Elle in New York, NY

"For joy- now there is more than Stuart Weitzman narrow shoes to choose from!..."

"I've had to settle for the most boring styles in narrow shoes my entire life until now!!  Thank you laceyK!  So glad I found you & keep making more styles & colors!  Will tell all my friends about your gorgeous shoes too."

"I search exhaustively for womens narrow shoes but never find any that are as pretty as all the medium widths -UNTIL NOW!  Thank you and please make some pointy toe pumps too!"
-Shavi in Chicago, IL

"I bought your New York (in a medium width) and love them!!  I get compliments from friends & even complete strangers everytime I wear them."

"I LOVE them...and I get compliments on them...really just perfect shoes!...they are fabulous and I must say, having severely narrow feet, it is such a treat to find a fun line that fits me!"
-Elizabeth in New York, NY

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we LOVE that our customers are SO passionate in their quest
for the ideal fit in a flattering, attractive shoe! 
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